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Handmade Hemp Passport Bag

Handmade Hemp Passport Bag
Handmade Hemp Passport Bag

Hemp in Nepal manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter for all kind of Hemp Products offer different kind of Hemp Passport Bags to make your travel easier. This is 100% handmade in Nepal with mixture of organic hemp and cotton. Nepalese hemp that is processed without any chemical liquid.

The special feature of this bag is to store your important travel documents such as flight tickets, boarding passes, passports, notebooks, and others.

Feature of Handmade Hemp Passport Bag

  • Size: 25 cm x 8 cm x 23 cm (H x D x W)
  • Material: 50% Hemp and 50% Cotton
  • Used Premium Quality Zipper
  •  Comfortable and Adjustable Strap (Maximum: 60 cm)

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  • Model: HHPPB004
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