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Hemp Ladies Purse

Hemp Ladies Purse
Hemp Ladies Purse

Hemp in Nepal offer different kind of ladies purse like hemp ladies purse, gheri ladies purse – Hemp cotton ladies purse, pure hemp ladies purse, Dhaka ladies purse on wholesale price. Hemp is an eco-friendly natural plant fiber that is derived without the use of pesticides. All ladies purses are made from the natural fibers and it is durable in nature. You can carry your coins, cash, credit cards and ID cards and organize it perfectly as it has a slots to keep your cards and cash separately. This purse is stylish too and ideal for everyday use.

Feature of  Hemp Ladies Purse 

  • Material :- Pure Hemp + Hemp Cotton + Gheri Cotton + Dhaka
  • Size :- 8" x 4"
  • Number of Pockets :- 6
  • Strong and Durable
  • Made in Nepal
  • Good for Gift and Souvenir

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  • Model: HLP009
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