Delivery Information

We at Hemp in Nepal-the Hemp Manufacture have plenty of experience developing our own design, carving and fabricating of Hemp Manufacturing items in both wholesale and retail purposes, since 2009 AD. We are one of the best and unique Hemp Manufacture Company in the Nepal. We have natural raw martial using by natural purest hemp yarns and fabric from the Himalayan regions of the Nepal. We provide the cargo and courier service also. We have most popular cargo service available in all over the world like DHL, TNT, Sky-net, FedEx, UPS, Aramex etc.  


We offer the most popular courier company for demanded goods or product to delivery in correct hand of our customers in cheap price and good service. Almost 99.99% countries in the world we give these type facilities and in the case of courier days- its take may be approx7-8 days (max) 3-4days (min) in the contest of destination/Country.

Delivery charges:

Cargo charges are based on total order weight, destination, and class of service selected. Customer can select cargo or courier agency themself of we can also provide you best rates for cargo and courier. Weighting up to 48 Kg will always be sent by courier through DHL, TNT, Sky-net, FedEx, UPS, 48 kg (Plus) air cargo will be good and you will get cheap price.

Once a payment has been received from the customer the goods can be delivered in the following ways and shipping cost will be charge extra and shipping charge will depend on total kg of shipment, types of service (door to door, Air Cargo and Sea Cargo) and destination. Shipping cost will be finalizing after packing of the goods.


Hemp in Nepal-the Hemp Manufacture also provided cargo services in this case we have three ways of cargo facilities to deliver our product to customers (a) Sea Cargo (b) Air Cargo (c) Land Cargo.