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Hemp CD Cross Body bags

Hemp is something special because Hemp is much stronger and durable than any other fiber. Hemp products can be used for a long period because hemp fiber are anti-bacterial & anti – fungal. Hemp Fiber is 5x stronger than other natural fibers and that make it perfect choice for daily use.

Hemp Collection has both anti-static and waterproof treatment that protects the fabric from ongoing climatic exposure. Due to these amazing features of hemp in Nepal has launched a Hemp CD Cross body bags with different designs and Colors.

We need to carry many small stuffs with us in daily basis and we have to put those stuffs in our pockets. Surely, that is so uneasy task for human.

That’s why we have made this small but valuable cross body bag to make your daily life pleasant. Wallet, phone, cards, and other small stuffs. And it is more useful for women for carrying makeup stuffs in a very comfortable way.